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New Testament Greek Class

Every Saturday until May 28, 2023

9:00am – 10:30am


You'll need two books. The Greek Grammar book and Greek Workbook. These are both by William D. Mounce. The formal titles are Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar, 4th Edition and Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook, 4th Edition.. Thes are available at Amazon as well as other book distributors. Please make certain to buy the 4th Edition.

Our first class will be Saturday, April 23rd at 9:00 A. M. downstairs in the southwest corner classroom just past the refreshment and table area. For our first class we'll be covering the first three chapters of the grammar and the first lesson, Exercise 3 (the lesson numbers coincide with the chapter numbers). Don't panic that we're covering three chapters in the first class. Chapters 1 & 2 are background information on the language and the teaching style. After the first class we'll only be doing one chapter at a time (more about this on the 23rd). Please make sure you've read the material, including the introductory matters pp. viii-xxv. Also, read the few pages of introduction in the workbook and do Exercise 3. It would probably be good to go over the chapter material twice to make sure you've got a decent handle on what he's talking about. We'll spend most of our class time talking about the chapter material as well as discussing matters of the exercises. Our classes will be approximately 90 minutes.


Our second class will meet on Saturday, May 6, at 9:00 A. M. in the same location downstairs. After this we'll take a break for you to get deeper into our first two lessons and prepare for our next lesson, Chapter 5.  We'll discuss our ongoing meeting times and decide going forward what time and day are going to work best for our class and set our schedules accordingly. There also will be provisions in case you miss a class during the summer so that you won't have to miss anything as we'll record all of our sessions and you can listen, or re-listen, when you have time.

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