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Embrace Your Gospel Family

July 8, 2018 Speaker: Chris Mullins

Scripture: Romans 14:1–14:4

Romans 14:1-4 gives four instructions for how to love a believer with whom you have a religious dispute.

I. Embrace Your Gospel Family (1)
a. even if their application of the gospel is underdeveloped
b. not for the purposes of straightening out their deficiencies

II. Analyze the Dispute (2)
a. what is the surface reason?
b. what is the heart reason?

III. Destroy Your Sinful Attitude (3)
a. you must not despise
b. you must not condemn
c. remember God has embraced your gospel family

IV. Remember Your Place (4)
a. that believer does not serve you, but Christ
b. Christ, not you, will make that believer stand