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Deluding Influences

December 27, 2020 Speaker: Jim Harris

Topic: New Year Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 2:11–12

I want to turn your attention to the proverbial “big picture.” In the days of Antichrist, God will send a deluding influence to seal the fate of those who persist in following Satan. While we're being proverbial, I want to help you see the proverbial forest instead of diverting your time to inspecting individual trees. First, a relevant Bible text, then some exhortations.

  1. God Sends Delusion (11)
  2. Men Reject Truth (12)

Note: nearly three years after this sermon was preached at HBC and posted to our website,, and YouTube, YouTube flagged the video for containing "medical misinformation" and removed it from their site.  We disagree, but there is no method to effectively appeal this decision.  If you'd prefer to watch the video, you can do that at