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The Infant Church Takes First Steps (Part 2)

May 14, 2023 Speaker: Jim Harris Series: Acts

Scripture: Acts 6:3–15

Churches in everyplace where the gospel went were led by shepherds of the flock, who were also known as elders or overseers. In every local church there was always a plurality of elders. As the apostles died off and the written New Testament was completed, the leadership of the apostles and prophets was replaced by evangelists (missionaries) and pastors and teachers.

Nearly all commentators and Christian theologians believe Acts 6:1-7 is the beginning of the office of Deacon in the church. The concept of men who are chosen because of their spiritual qualifications to serve under the leadership of the apostles for the purpose of carrying on certain ministries of the church is the same pattern as the relationship between elders and deacons described in 1 Timothy 3.

  1. A Need Arises (1)
  2. Leaders Prioritize (2)
  3. Leaders Propose a Plan (3-4)
  4. People Are Put Forth (5)
  5. Leaders Pray And Confirm (6)
  6. God Keeps Moving (7)
  7. Stephen Rises Up (8-15)

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