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Next Phase Of Gentile Salvation

November 5, 2023 Speaker: Jim Harris Series: Acts

Scripture: Acts 11:1–30

We see God arranging circumstances so that from the beginning, the Jews who believe in Christ were taught that now they are part of a glorious spiritual family called The Church. The first Gentile saved in Acts was the Ethiopian in chapter 8. The first group of Gentiles saved was the ones who met in the house of Cornelius in chapter 10. Peter was at the epicenter of that historic day. After he stayed awhile with that group in Caesarea, we come to our chapter for today.

  1. The Questioners Question (1-3)
  2. Peter Proclaims (4-17)
  3. The Questioners are Quelled (18)
  4. The Persecuted Preach (19-21)
  5. Barnabas Bustles to Antioch (22-24)
  6. Barnabas Brings Paul (25-26)
  7. Prophecy Leads to Provision (27-29)
  8. Elders Enter the Scene (30)

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