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Facility Planning FAQs

Below you'll find some of the frequently asked questions that we're received about our Facility Planning that was announced at our annual meeting in January 2023.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please email

  • Is this design final?
    • No. While we believe the Master Plan provides us a clear path toward achieving our facilities goals, it remains conceptual and there are many details that need to be worked out for Phase I as well as future phases. One thing is certain, things will change and become more detailed as we move toward final designs. Our current focus will be on Phase I and what we can accomplish based upon funding available. So if you see something in the plans that looks like it could be done better, you are probably right! We welcome questions and comments. Please keep in mind there are thousands of variables, preferences, and ways to approach any project. We are doing our best working with the design team to provide the best solution to our needs.
  • Do we know how much this will cost?
    • We have professional estimates appropriate for the current conceptual stage of plan development that give us a pretty good idea of the costs based upon the conceptual Master Plans. The entire project estimate is around $6 million. What we identified as a hopeful “Phase 1” includes all the downstairs remodel plus the elevator and stair to connect the two floors. The estimate for Phase 1 is about $1.6 million.
  • What’s the plan for coming up with the money?
    • We’ve started a Building Fund and will see what the Lord provides through what He puts on the hearts of HBC to give. What we are able to construct in a “Phase 1”, how much we can do beyond that, and timing of it all will all depend upon that. We have no desire to take on large amounts of debt in order to pay for the bulk of any remodel project, but we may consider taking on a relatively small amount to supplement what is raised.
  • Are there other options?
    • Yes. The conceptual Master Plan is in response to two primary challenges we presented to the architect. First, How might we get all the spaces we think we may need in the next 10-20 years on our current property? Second, what is the least expensive way to achieve these goals? A remodel and expansion of our existing facilities are by far the most cost-effective way to get to the goal, and the Master Plan accomplishes that. New construction on our current site or another is an alternative, but is quite a bit more expensive. We’ve also discussed the possibility of purchasing an existing church building, but finding something suitable and affordable presents an entirely different set of challenges. Another alternative is to do nothing and manage with what we have, but that is becoming increasingly difficult as we grow and already need more classroom space.
  • If we have to phase the project, what’s the top priority?
    • Our most pressing need is for more classroom space. Currently during Sunday School we are conducting three different classes in the open space downstairs, and this often while other conversations or activities are happening between the classrooms. This is less than ideal, and is often disruptive and distracting for everyone. This is why Phase I is targeted to classroom development.