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Useful Links

Below are some resource you may find helpful in your studies and efforts to seek out the truth:

Dr. Mohler is president of Southern Theological seminary. His periodic blog deals with current issues in light of Scripture. You can subscribe to receive the blog as well as Dr. Mohler’s Daily Briefing for free.

The premier ministry defending the Biblical teaching of six-day creation and providing good materials to genuine study of science.

A collection of resources for Bible study.

Online Bibles and study materials.

HBC member Mike Riddle heads this ministry to provide understandable and useful answers to questions regarding creation, evolution, science and the Bible. Pastor Jim Harris is one of the teachers at their annual Creation Apologetics Training College.

Counseling One Another is the online ministry of pastor Paul Tautges (rhymes with "couches"). Paul is a leader among Biblical Counselors and the general editor of the Help! series of mini-books on common counseling issues. 

This is a local ministry providing excellent resources on Creation Science. Heritage Bible Church is pleased to host FIGI’s monthly meetings during the school year.

This is the radio ministry of Grace Community Church and John MacArthur. This link includes free access to their Media Vault, with thousands of good resources.

Another good source of information and material for Creation science.

Justin Peters is an excellent example of "discernment ministry" done properly. He has extensive material on the dangers of Word Faith and Prosperity Gospel teachings. We also recommend his blog and YouTube videos. Justin is a friend of the ministry of HBC, has spoken at our Spreading The Heritage Conference and is scheduled to return for the 2021 conference.

Heritage Bible Church supports the Love, INC clearing house and refers people from outside our church family to them for material help and long-term financial counseling.

The school we recommend for undergraduate studies in a truly Christian environment.

The seminary we recommend for training missionaries and pastors.

Serving churches in the U.S. and in the former Soviet Union, SGA is the organization through which we carry on our ministry in Russia.

This site is maintained by a Christian, and contains many good resources for de-bunking or verifying e-rumors. It’s similar to but has a Christian world view.

The daily radio ministry of Todd Friel tackles many current issues from a sound Biblical perspective. Some resources are available for sale; podcasts and other things are free.

YouVersion is the online Bible website for YouVersion, makers of the free Bible App™, with all of the same tools: Bookmarks, Plans, Notes, and more. A great resource for use on your computer, smart phone, and tablet.