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April 2021 COVID-19 Protocol Update

Covid Protocol Update 

Since the mandated shutdown of all public gatherings a year ago, HBC has taken measured steps to meet in person for worship in accordance with our governor's guidance. We are blessed to live in a state in which the governor has encouraged churches to reopen earlier than other entities with similar numbers of people, and for that we are thankful. Pray for those elsewhere who are not so blessed. 

It is the conviction of the Elders and Deacons of HBC that the recommendations asked of us are not unreasonable, so we have done our best to comply. Our policy is to minister in person to as many as possible, but also to be as safe as possible. 

We are taking steps to incrementally restore events and regular practices. We are weighing several factors: 

  • Covid 19 is serious, but thankfully it did not reach the level of lethal threat of widespread death we were led to expect.
  • More human suffering has been caused by shutdowns than by the Covid virus.
  • Local Christian schools have been meeting without restriction for months, and
    without serious incidents.
  • Children are at very low risk for Covid complications.
  • The majority of our people have recovered from Covid and/or been vaccinated. That
    percentage increases every day.

General Comments

  • We respect individual convictions concerning vaccinations.
  • We respect individual convictions concerning when it is safe to return. Among our
    church family are some at very high risk, and we will continue to do our best to
    minister to all.
  • We urge you to return to in-person worship and other activities as soon as you are
    able. We cannot practice the “one another” commands of the Bible in isolation, so
    please don't stay away unless it is for medical reasons.
  • We must not judge fellow believers with different convictions on non-Biblical issues. It is not a sin to wear a mask, nor is it a sin not to wear a mask, but it is always a sin to speak against one another.

    With prayerful consideration, we are amending our Covid 19 safety protocols as of April 1, 2021. 
  • More chairs have been returned to our worship area, still not to the pre-Covid total.
  • Please keep two (no longer three) empty chairs between households and groups who have not been exposed to one another. We are slightly reducing the anti-social
  • Children's Ministries are being restored to pre-Covid policies, except that children go directly to Children's Church without being in the main service. Full nursery service is restored.
  • Masks are required while entering, exiting, conversing or singing. Masks can be removed while sitting quietly.
  • Plexiglass barriers are removed from in front of musicians (all of whom are immunized).
  • Livestream of Sunday 10:45 services and Wednesday evening services will continue.
  • Serving food “buffet style” is still not permitted.
  • “No-contact” communion service will continue.
  • We anticipate holding Vacation Bible School July 12-16.

Thank you for your patience and cheerful cooperation. We will continue to monitor the ever-changing situation and bring back more of our normal activities as soon as possible.

In His Service,
Heritage Bible Church Elders and Deacons